I just received a direct deposit from the DVA in my bank. Can you folks at Veteran Services tell me what it is for?
No, we can't. We might be able to guess what that payment could have been for - but all it would be is a guess. The DVA does not report to us any payments made directly to students (just as they don't tell us what the overpayments are for). The only person the DVA will tell about your payments or overpayments is YOU. You will have to either call the DVA at 1-800-827-1000 and ask them to "audit your account" or go online at DVA Right Now and ask them to perform the audit.

Unfortunately, at this point in time the DVA doesn't have the capability, even under the eBenefits site, to give you details on the reason for payments. They are aware of how important this is and they are working at developing a system that can handle it.

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