I am under Chapter 33 and I plan on taking all online classes for the term. Will I still receive BAH?
You are still eligible for BAH, but at a significantly reduced rate. The DVA's rules on distance (online) learning and the housing allowance say that students whose enrollment is exclusively online are only eligible for a maximum of 50% of the national average of the monthly housing allowances times the percentage of entitlement AND the rate of pursuit, all rounded to the nearest multiple of 10 percent. If a student's enrollment for the term has both online (distance learning) and resident training (standard classroom instruction) and they are taking more than a half-time load, then the monthly housing allowance can be paid for the period of residence training at the local rates.

NOTE: Basic eligibility requirements for Monthly Housing Allowance benefits (that is, that veteran students must maintain a rate of pursuit greater than half-time (>50%) remain unchanged.

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