How does dropping a class affect my GI Bill benefits?
Generally, dropping a course during the first week of a term entitles you to a full refund of tuition for the dropped course. The DVA considers this first week of the term to be the "drop period." From that point until approximately five weeks into the term, a dropped class will receive a "W" grade. This final deadline date is the one after which a "W" grade cannot be given, instead you must receive a letter grade (A-F) in the class. (See the Term Dates & Holidays page on this site for the actual deadline dates for each term.)

Classes dropped during the "drop period" (based on the catalog deadline dates) do not count toward the "training time" requirements of the DVA - whether or not a refund of tuition was given. This can affect your benefits. For example: if you were to receive tuition and BAH under Chapter 33 (Post-9/11) because you started the term with nine units and then you dropped a 4.5-unit class at the end of the drop period, you would face an overpayment action. The DVA would consider that you were only enrolled in 4.5 units (9 - 4.5 = 4.5) for that term so you would not be eligible for BAH payments and you would have to pay back any BAH received for the term. Additionally, you would owe the DVA for the tuition payment made to SSU for the dropped class - even if you are not entitled to a SSU refund of that money!

Classes dropped after the drop period but on or before the "last day to drop with a 'W'" date in the catalog will receive a "W" grade which the DVA considers to be a "punitive grade" meaning the drop affects your academic progress and/or GPA. Such punitive grades do NOT result in a DVA overpayment action unless the punitive grade directly leads to termination from the College due to unsatisfactory progress. However, from that course drop date through the end of the term your training time will be calculated without the dropped class - meaning a Chapter 33 veteran may have BAH stopped toward the end of the term if the dropped class brings the veteran down to half-time or less.

You cannot drop a class after the "last day to drop with a 'W'" date in the catalog. You will receive a grade for the course.

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