What does that percentage on my Certificate of Eligibility letter mean?
The DVA "Certificate of Eligibility" letter* informed you that you were entitled to a given percentage of Chapter 33 benefits based on your length of service as determined by the DVA. If you are at less than the 100% rate, you are responsible for the difference in tuition and fees - you will also receive only that percentage of the BAH each month and your annual book stipend will be reduced to match the percentage.

For example: Let's assume you have a $1000 tuition bill for a full-time load and you have been rated at 70% benefit entitlement by the DVA. The DVA will send SSU 70% of your tuition ($1000 * .70 = $700) and you will owe SSU the remaining 30% of your tuition ($1000 - $700 = $300). This percentage of payment also applies to all approved fees. You would also receive 70% of the current BAH each month: so assuming $2100 BHA per month, that would be $1470.

What if you are not taking a full-time load? Then your benefits are further modified. Let's assume the prior example represented not a full-time, but instead a three-quarter class load. Then the figures would be further adjusted by the DVA:

Note: Only the DVA can perform these calculations and determine the percentage of eligibility. The SSU Veteran Services Officer only reports the tuition, fees, and course load. The VSO doesn't have access to how these calculations are performed: students need to request an "audit" of their account from the DVA if they have questions or call 1-800-827-1000 to speak to a representative.

*Please remember to provide a copy to the Veteran Services Officer.

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